Sunday, March 23, 2014

Free Wii Points

Every fan of Nintendo knows the amazing features of Wii Shop Channel. Anyway, let’s summarize them: in the Wii Shop Channel, you can download WiiWare games, Virtual Console games and other interesting channels. Sometimes they are free of charge, sometimes not (and that’s awful). There are games and channels that require a payment through Wii Points, the official currency used by Nintendo for its channels.

Maybe you could think: “I don’t need to pay for a game, I’m satisfied with free games and channels that Nintendo’s channels offer”. Starting today, you will not think things like that anymore. We’re going to reveal you the best way to get free wii points!

How can I get free Wii Points?

We have just started a complex affiliate system consisting in advertisement. There are a few steps that build this system:

  1. We advertise several sites
  2. The advertisers pay us
  3. We afford to buy a lot of Wii Points, plus some cash for ourselves.

To say it in plain words, after visiting the site we are promoting in these paragraphs, you only need to share the site in any social network you prefer (Facebook, Twitter, Google+1), and you will claim your Wii Points.

Nothing else. It’s a win-win situation.

How can I redeem the free Wii points that I have just redeemed?

You only have to enter the code you redeemed in the Wii Shop Channel and the amount of the points corresponding to the code will be added in your Wii account. After that, you’re ready to download any kind of software: there are mainly two categories, the Virtual Console for old games and the WiiWare for new games designed for the Wii.

I recently heard about Nintendo Points: are the Wii Points going to die?

Actually not. Nowadays the Wii Points are called Nintendo Points, since the introduction of Nintendo DSi. The Nintendo Points can be purchased as well as Wii Points, then you have to choose to use them in the Wii Points Channel or in the Nintendo DSi Shop. Wii Points are still used in several countries, so don’t worry about that.

Are your Wii Points the same I can purchase in any online retails?

Yes. We don't use any wii points generator, because we don't think there are working ones. We actually buy our Wii Points on, the most trusted online retail site (as you probably know). Our personal goal is to be trusted by our visitors, so we are going to offer you the most safe codes findable on Internet.

You don’t need to know anything else, go to our affiliate site and claim your free Wii Points!